So, briefly, history was not in England for a few years and I was in * education, but at one point I needed and decided to enroll in an independent form and come for the exams.

Okay so far, but it turned out that I couldn’t take two years for one, for each subsequent class I had to wait for September, that is the new school year and it turned out that I had to wait a few more years to finish it. on average, and without it, I am neither connected nor able to find a job in a conscientious position, or go to university or leave Europe. Tragedy, so … is there any way to buy a stupid high school diploma and end all this anguish.

Believe me, I’m very desperate there is just no other option, no matter how immoral, at the moment at least I think about such things. Please give your opinion or suggestion, I will be glad to advise!

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