Pregnant woman in depression

Hello, this may not be the most appropriate category for me to publish my story, but I will do it anyway.
I am 18 years old and pregnant at 4 months. My boyfriend and father of a child live in another city, but he moved with me and my mother, and my father died 1 year ago.
My grandparents do not know that I am pregnant because they are old and high in blood, and I worry about how they will accept it, I want to give it to them as tactfully as possible.
Anyway, in a few days my friend will start work. My mother maybe too. That is, soon I will be sitting all alone at home, and as a matter of principle, from a very young age, I have a fear of the dead and do not like to sit alone anywhere. Sometimes even when I am left alone and I get a lot of fear, I start talking out loud so I don’t feel alone. Whatever.
I don’t go to school now because, by law, a pregnant woman can’t be a student. However, I have to go to a separate form of study (I go home and only take exams) but in the current school I am not in that form, in the past I was, but now that I have moved I do not know if I will be able to return.
The main problem, as you can see in the title, is that I feel depressed.
My days are completely monotonous, I sleep until 11, 12, 13 h, only if my day can pass faster.
My friend and I get together, we go out to the nearby boater, we get 2 boots for home, we go home, we go to bed, we watch something on the TV and that’s it. Then we go to bed and it’s yours. He plays on the phone I listen music and that’s how my day goes. Then I have a couple of hours where I do nothing … I cry almost every day, with or without reason … We go to bed, have dinner, watch TV, and that’s it. Sometimes we go out for a walk, but it sounds like exactly ten minutes. And it’s very cold outside and I have no particular desire to go out. I have no girlfriend, but when I say no one really means no one .. There is no one to go out with, no one to call, no one to write with …. I am desperate. Sometimes I find some activity, but I get tired almost immediately and stop.
I have no desire for sex, and of course my friend is not particularly comfortable with every man …
Sometimes I have bad thoughts about the child … It is as if he may be dead inside me now. Even that day I was so bad that I decided to go to a gynecologist for nothing, I had no symptoms or nothing … I just started roaring and wanted to see if the baby was alive. Only my gynecologist laughs. I feel terrible. I ask for your advice. I know you will say that it is normal that it is because of hormones and so on … Someone may say that I am because of an unwanted pregnancy, but it is not because we are both looking forward to becoming pregnant.
This does not work, please advise.

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