I can’t figure out what’s hinting at me …

Hello! I’m a 17 year old boy and I have a question for you. In the summer of 2019, I met a very nice and beautiful girl, a girlfriend introduced us and we became very close to her and became super close to her – more than her, let’s say. However, she has been acting very strange for about 1 month – she writes my sexual hints, sends me hearts, compliments me, teases me, wants to keep talking, says I am perfect, etc.
She even said that she wanted to have sex with me a lot and I had asked her after all if she wanted to become a couple. at which she was angry with me and said that she did not want because we were very good friends she did not want to break her friendship. I agreed of course because it is completely logical. Until yesterday.
Yesterday, when we were talking, she told me that we are like guys together, that I am very close and so on and she sent me a very provocative photo of her ass (she is very sexy) and now I do not know what to do. Please anyone who understands these things or has had such a case give me some advice below in the comments.
Thanks in advance for your attention!

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